Support Team

What the Support Staff Does

  • Executive Director: Coordinates the activities of the team, serves as primary team liaison, implements decisions, manages regional issues and acts on behalf of the Southern Group of State Foresters (SGSF) and support team.
  • Fire Director: Acts on behalf of SGSF to identify and help resolve fire-related issues. Represents and assists SGSF at the Southern Area Coordination Center with fire and emergency mobilization of state firefighters.
  • Policy Director: Provides analytical expertise and guidance on congressional and state legislative issues, policies and related matters.
  • Communications Director: Manages and directs internal and external communications strategy, in collaboration with the SGSF Communications Committee and members, to accomplish communication goals around key issues related to southern forestry.
  • SGSF Consultant: Provides consultation to the policy director, per coordination with the executive director and as assigned, on issues and projects associated with state and federal laws, regulations, administrative decisions and related matters.
  • Southeast Region Cohesive Strategy Coordinator: Coordinates implementation of the Southern Region Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy and provides leadership for the Southern Regional Strategy Committee (SRSC) and regional cohesive strategy efforts.
  • Environmental Specialist: Analyzes, evaluates and provides guidance on all forest related environmental issues.


Team Members

Wib Owen
SGSF Executive Director

Tim Foley
SGSF Policy Director

Jim Prevette
SGSF Fire Director

Chelsea Ealum
SGSF Communications Director

Mike Countess
SGSF Consultant

Gary Wood
Southeast Regional Coordinator
Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy

Daniel McInnis
Environmental Specialist
USFS Southern Region - Regional Office 
State and Private Forestry

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