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Prescribed Fire Infographics Series

Private forest lands are very important to the continuing overall health of forest ecosystems across the Southern United States. Some forest facts to keep in mind:

  • There are approximately 245 million acres of forested lands in the southeastern United States
  • Roughly 86% of that total is privately owned, which amounts to approx. 211 million acres of SE forest – more forested land than the entire National Forest System for the U.S. Forest Service
  • Fire has been used as a tool by humans on the landscape since before European settlers arrived in North America
  • The SE accounts for an average 6 million acres burned per year using prescribed fire – this typically accounts for more acreage of prescribed fire than all other parts of the U.S. combined
  • Prescribed fire and other forest thinning practices create healthier, more productive forests, while maintaining the economic viability of forests and lessening wildfire impacts to communities

The infographic series follows two themes:

Benefits of Prescribed Fire


Conducting a Prescribed Fire

Please click on the links above for access to the files, which are available for download.

Tire Safety

As fire professionals, we all spend a lot of time behind the windshield. As such, we would like to make sure we address any gaps in safety knowledge at the field level for the wildland fire cooperators and partners across our region. In support of this goal we are providing tire safety information that we encourage each unit to use annually, at a minimum, to refresh your crews on tire safety. This can be added to any refreshers conducted on safe vehicle operations.

Linked below are three ready-to-use visual aids that can also be posted in prominent locations throughout your engine and vehicle bays:


The SGSF Fact Sheet is intended to be an engaging visual that will help educate and provide a memory prompt for firefighters to ensure fire equipment tires maintain their integrity and that we all maintain the integrity of the fire safety triangle: Operator Safety – Equipment Dependability – Operational Performance. The other two documents provide tire information and tire aging details in visual and descriptive formats.


We hope you find these visuals useful and informative to your station and add to the safety of your operators and personnel.


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