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Hi friends! Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? There are lots of cool jobs to choose. Do you like to be outside? Do you love trees and animals, exploring and growing things? There are lots of jobs like this in forestry.

Check out our kids' zone, learn more about jobs in forestry, play some games and solve some puzzles. You can even explore science fair experiments that will help you prepare for a job in forestry someday.

Elementary School Kids

Download and print this activity book that is fun for kids of all ages, but is specifically aimed at 3rd- 5th graders:

People of Forestry: Discover Careers in the Forest Activity Book

Check out our forestry careers video for kids:


Explore and learn more about the world of science and forestry through these actvities:


Parents & Teachers

People of Forestry – Discover Careers in the Forest is an outreach project of the Southern Group of State Foresters and the state forestry agencies representing 13 southern states.  It is intended to help children across the South become interested in careers in forestry at an early age.

The linked activity booklet was designed as a fun, interactive tool to educate elementary age students about the importance of forests and forest management.

The activities in People of Forestry are aligned with essential knowledge and skills in science and mathematics for grades 3rd through 5th and provide insight into the various types of job responsibilities students can expect in forestry careers. This workbook can stand alone or be easily integrated into existing lesson plans on ecology, earth science, or general environmental education. Teachers and parents are encouraged to use these lessons as a means of generating conversation about the importance of proper use and management of earth’s natural resources as well as to inspire students to consider careers in forestry.

Opportunities for career exploration give young people broader exposure to the working world they will one day enter. They can improve academic performance, increase the likelihood of completing high school and possibly pursuing post-secondary education — and in this case — enter into careers in forestry.

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