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Wade Dubea

Many Pieces of a Dynamic Puzzle: Engaging Association Members

April 12th, 2016
State Forester
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Nathan Hoover

The War on Invasive Species in Tennessee

March 18th, 2016
Forest Health Forester
Tennessee Department of Agriculture - Division of Forestry
Paul Johnson

Urban and Community Forestry: Connecting People to Their Trees

February 12th, 2016
Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator
Texas A&M Forest Service
Tim Foley

Federal Appropriations: Sustaining Southern Forests Through Informed Budgeting

January 11th, 2016
By: Tim Foley
Policy Director
Southern Group of State Foresters
Bettina Ring

Forests' Contribution to Healthy Watersheds: A Virginia Perspective

December 1st, 2015
State Forester
Virginia Department of Forestry
Wib Owen

Biomass Markets: Helping Retain Southern Forests

November 3rd, 2015
By: Wib Owen
Executive Director
Southern Group of State Foresters
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