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Online directory of forest industry in the southeastern U.S. helps provide access to producers.

mill map showing large scale of forest products in southeast United StatesThe Forest Products Network is an online forest product manufacturing directory for the southeastern United States. This forest product directory can be used by buyers in the wood product marketplace and by forest managers wishing to sell timber products. State forestry agencies in the South publish various forms of forest industry directories using data collected during biennial surveys of the forest product industry. The Forest Products Network is a tool, produced by the SGSF Services, Utilization, and Marketing Committee (SUM), that combines these state directories for participating states in the South.

The intent of the Forest Products Network web site is to provide the user contact information on the appropriate mill(s) that will fit his or her needs. The site provides mill location, mill product type, species group utilized, and relative size of the mill; in addition to the contact information.

A primary manufacturer uses logs (small and large) or wood chips to produce a product. Examples include a sawmill that produces lumber from logs and a pulpmill that produces liner board paper from pulpwood. A furniture mill that uses lumber to produce furniture and a cardboard box plant that produces boxes from linerboard are both examples of secondary manufacturing companies. The Network web site splits the directory by primary or secondary manufacturers.

The SUM Committee is a function of the Southern Group of State Foresters and includes forest utilization specialists from all thirteen southern states. The Forest Products Network is supported technically by the Southern Regional Extension Forestry group.

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