Ways to Enhance the Positive Role of Forests in Climate Change

  1. Conservation of Forest Land – maintaining land in forest cover maintains the carbon sink and prevents the CO2 emissions that occur during land conversion or development.
  2. Afforestation and Reforestation - planting trees on marginal agricultural land increases carbon sequestration at a rapid rate as the young trees grow quickly and fallen leaves build up on the forest floor. Reforestation of poorly stocked forest stands can also increase carbon sequestration in existing forests.
  3. Forest Management – forests can be managed to increase growth rates and thereby the stock of stored carbon. Thinning and fertilization are some practices that can increase growth.
  4. Biofuels – forests can play a role as a renewable energy source. Since the carbon in wood is taken from the atmosphere rather than fossil fuels, burning word, or producing ethanol from wood, results in much lower net CO2 emissions.
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