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25 Climate-smart Christmas & Holiday Gifts Made from Trees

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Did you know, small changes in your Christmas and holiday gift-purchasing decisions can have a positive impact on our environment? By choosing sustainable wrapping paper goods and opting for gifts made from trees, you are doing your part to support working forests and their environmental benefits. Working forests and their products also play a significant role in our ability fight climate change, so every wood product you purchase brings us one step closer to achieving net-zero emissions. In fact, when trees are harvested and transformed into wood products, carbon remains stored and sequestered away within those products for decades or even centuries. The continuous cycle of harvesting trees to make products, then replanting for new growth, helps perpetuate and expand the forest carbon sequestration process (NOTE: private forest owners regenerate an average of 43% more wood than they harvest). As a result, working forests and the products they generate account for a whopping 84% of all carbon stored by forests across the nation. Meaning, the more wood-based gifts you purchase, the more carbon is stored and the more we can offset carbon emissions.

Below are 25 climate-smart gifts made from trees, which can help support our efforts to achieve net-zero emissions, while bringing a smile to your loved ones this holiday season.

Gifts from the Woods

For children:

For adults: