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Southern forests produce over $100 billion in forest products and markets around the world

The southern region is a choice resource for buyers, suppliers and investors seeking an affordable supply of sustainable wood products with a variety of species, year-long harvesting and over 1,600 mills.

Working forests support the southern economy and are responsible for the production of renewable products like lumber, paper products, bioenergy and thousands of other everyday items. Thriving forest markets ensure landowners have the capability and freedom to keep the South’s forests intact, healthy and productive.

Forests also provide ecosystem services like air and water filtration, oxygen production and carbon sequestration, while providing open natural spaces for countless outdoor recreation opportunities.

Economic Impact

The South accounts for over half of timber production in the United States

Forestry and the forest products industry contributes more than $251 billion to the South’s economy.

U.S. southern forests, forestry and the forest products industry provides for:

  • More than 18% of the world’s pulpwood for paper and paper-related products
  • 7% of the world’s industrial roundwood
  • More than 2.7% of the region’s economic output
  • 1.1 million jobs
  • More than $53 billion in income

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Forest Products and Markets

While timber and its many by-products are the primary resource generated by well-managed, sustainable working forests, each southern state has its own unique mix of wood resources, services, manufacturing innovations and investment opportunities. Environmental and financial innovations have also created new revenue streams for forest owners, adding more incentive to keep forests intact.

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Environmental Services

Forests provide significant environmental benefits including protecting air and water quality, capturing and filtering storm water, storing carbon, enhancing wildlife habitat, supplying renewable energy, reducing energy consumption and delivering quality of life benefits.

Forests and Climate Change

Improved Wildlife Habitat

Water quality protection

Recreation and Wellness

Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA)

Because of the importance of wood-using industries and all forest values in the South, resource sustainability must be continually assessed in a timely and accurate manner.

Through annual inventories, a regional Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Research work unit measures and assesses changes to the forest ecosystem. Developing new procedures to improve the collection, analysis and transfer of data is a continuous process and a collective effort of the U.S. Forest Service, Southern Research Station, SGSF, universities, forest industry and other partners.

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