FY24 Interior Bill

State Forester priority programs receive funding through 2024 legislative appropriations

Across the government, most discretionary programs saw their funding cut in FY24, and State Forester priority programs within the USFS budget were among those. Below is a quick snapshot of how our State Forester priority programs fared. In short, compared to FY23, we saw decreases in UCF ($4M) , FSP ($500K), LSR ($3M), Forest Health ($1M) and FIA ($700K), flat funding in SFA and VFA, and funded Forest Legacy projects in GA, VA, AL and NC.

Summary Table

Items of interest from the FY24 Interior Bill:

USFS Hazardous Fuels

USFS Salaries & Expenses

Joint Fire Science Program

Congressionally Directed Spending

Forest Legacy Projects

Federal Wildland Firefighter Pay Authority

Wildfire Preparedness & Suppression

Good Neighbor Authority

Renewable Fuels Standard

White Oak Restoration


Northern Long-eared Bat