Urban Wood Wednesdays

Outlined in the campaign documents are general social media posts highlighting urban wood utilization, spanning up to 13 posts, posted once a month. The captions and graphics serve as a general guideline for approved messaging; therefore, anyone is welcome to use the statistics and talking points to create more customized captions and graphics. Additionally, given the general nature of the captions, it will be beneficial to highlight ways that communities in your state practice sustainable urban wood utilization by highlighting wood suppliers, primary producers and secondary producers.

General Guidelines:

  • Be sure to use approved talking points and statistics.
  • Ensure that posts are made consecutively.
  • If you do not use all 13 posts, be sure to round out the last posts to show the full cycle of planting>growth/maintenance>potential after being cut down.
  • Highlight localized examples of urban wood utilization in practice.
  • During your social media campaign, or after, promote feature stories of examples of urban wood utilization in practice—don’t just rely on social media to bring awareness to the practice.
  • Lead people to your website/urban wood utilization web page if you have one.

Social Media Posts & Schedule

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