We provide leadership in sustaining the economic, environmental and social benefits of the South's forests, and work to identify and address existing and emerging issues and challenges that are important to southern forests and citizens.

We use extensive research, in-depth analysis, and cutting-edge technology to develop systems to assess and analyze forest resources, such as Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment and Southern Forest Land Assessment.  These proactive tools enable users - whether they are landowners, legislators or community decision makers - to make more informed decisions.

SGSF Announcements

Now accepting resumes for a new permanent full-time position with SGSF.

We are thrilled to be outreaching for a newly created Communications Director position with the Southern Group of State Foresters. The Communications Director serves as the organization’s lead in the design and implementation of communication strategies and promotion of SGSF activities to internal and external audiences. Promoting current media campaigns, such as Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives, will be a priority. The Communications Director reports to the Southern Group of State Foresters Executive Committee. Please visit our 'Career Development' page for more information on how to apply. Deadline for application submissions is January 31, 2021.

Winter Meeting Registration

Please make your payment for Meeting Registration using our SGSF PayPal system.

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